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Nutrition Research for NTR 195 & 198 classes: Websites & Apps

Evaluating Websites

Before you use material from the Internet, evaluate the site.

WHO- is the author or sponsor?

Is it a reliable person, site?

WHAT- information is provided?

Does it match other information from valid sources?

WHEN- was the information posted/ updated?

Is it current?

WHERE- does the information come from?

Is it a reputable source such as .edu or .gov?

WHY- is the information there?

Is it there to inform and educate without bias?


The domain tells you the source of your website.

.EDU = college or university

.GOV = government agency

.ORG= organization

.COM = commerical website

.NET = network

For reliable information, look for sources with .edu or .gov endings.

Government Websites

Your research article should come from a database, however, you may wish to look at websites for ideas and background information. The following are a list of some great websites for reliable information on nutrition:

Data and Statistics