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Business Research: Company Information and News

What is a Database?

See full size imageA Database is a collection of articles, book chapters and other information from reliable sources.

Select one of the databases listed in the middle column to locate information about the company you are researching.

All of the resources in these databases come from magazines, newspapers, journals and books. Although they are delivered through the Internet, they are not considered "Internet Sources" by your professors. 

Articles from the databases may be printed, saved to a drive or emailed for later use.

What is a SWOT Analysis?


SWOT stands for:






Researchers determine what these factors are and how they affect the company's future.

Databases from Home

 You can use the databases from home!

If you use the MYNCC portal, click on Library and then Library Databases. No need to enter your N# or PIN.


If you go through theLibGuide, you will need to click on the database  and then:

 Enter your username (N #).

 Enter your password (PIN).

Search for the information you need!


Company Information and News from Databases

Nassau Community College subscribes to several excellent Business databases.

The information, such as  company profiles, financial information, histories and current articles, comes from books, articles, and other reliable sources.




Databases are not freely available on the web. You must be a subscriber and NCC  Library subscribes for you!

Check out the box below for instructions on how to use them from home.

While some of the information is the same, each database has special features.

Check the tabs above for instructions and special features in these databases. There are links to the databases there as well.

If you have any questions, contact me or any reference librarian! Check the contact us box on the home tab.

Company Information and News from Company Websites

Companies provide a great deal of information on their websites.

Material about the company's leadership, financial strength and other business-related data is generally found under:

  • Investor Relations              


  • About the Company

Look for these links to locate valuable information for your projects.

Why Not Just Use Google?

The Internet is a great place to find good restaurants, hotels and basic information about many things.

Google, the top search engine, makes finding that information easy. 


When you are doing research for a college assignment, however, it is important to find valid, reliable information from credible sources. Databases will give you that kind of information.