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Business Research: Social Responsibility Sources

From the Databases

You can locate articles about a company's social responsibility from our Business Databases.

Choose one of the business databases and do a search. (For more information about each database, click on the tabs above.)

Combine your terms with AND.

Ex. coca cola and social responsibility.

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From a Company's Website

Social or Corporate Responsibilty refers to the company's efforts to be good citizens of the world.

On the company website, look for links to social responsibility or corporate responsibility.

Companies may have links under About the Company, or they may have links on their home pages.

If not, do a search on the company website for corporate or social responsibility to see what they are doing to respond.

Here are some examples from Coca Cola's website.



Each link will give further information on Coca Cola's initiatives in those areas.

This box on the homepage leads you to more information on specific moves to address world poverty.


What is Corporate or Social Responsibility?

Need a good explanation of Corporate Responsibility?

Try one of these articles from our digital business reference books.

Social Responsibility Survey

Why do companies participate in social programs?

Social Responsibility Survey
To improve the world: 9 votes (10.11%)
To look good: 11 votes (12.36%)
To get tax benefits: 3 votes (3.37%)
All of the above: 66 votes (74.16%)
Total Votes: 89