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Business Research: Business Insights: Essentials

Why Use This Database?


Business Insights: Essentials

Company Search:

  • Profiles-Contact and company information

  • Histories — Detailed history and chronology

  • SWOT Analyses 

  • News/Magazines — Relevant articles  

  • Financials —  The company’s financial standing

  •  Rankings — Company rankings within their industry

  • Products— Complete listing of products and/or brands  

  •  Investment Reports — Full-text reports

Article Search:

  • Current News

  • Trade publications

  • Magazines

Industry Search:

  • Overviews

  • Market Share

Printing and Emailing

Need to print, or email material from BIE?

Use the icons at the top of the pages.

The database will reformat the page for you!

Business Insights Global: Finding Company Information

Business Insights: Essentials has a wealth of information on most companies. There will be much more information on publicly-traded companies than private companies.

Here are some screen shots to demonstrate how to use the database.

The link to the database is at the end of this box.

  Remember, It must be a public company!

Enter the Stock (Ticker) Symbol or Parent Company Name.

Once you select the company from the list provided, review the links below the company name.

Each one will give you the information you need for your project.


The Financials link offers two sets of data. The  Fundamental Analysis tab includes income statements, balance sheets and ratios.

The Financials Dashboard provides stock information, including historical prices.

Business Insights: Essentials: Finding Current News Articles

You can use Business Insights: Essentials l to find current articles about a company. Select Recent News or do an Advanced Search for more options.