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Distance Education/Online Learners: Web Resources

Evaluating Websites


WHO- is the author or sponsor ?

Is it a reliable person, site?

WHAT- information is provided ?

Does it match other information from valid sources?

WHEN- was the information posted/updated ?

Is it current?

WHERE- does the information come from?

Is it a reputable source such as .edu or .gov?

WHY- is the information there?

Is it there to inform and educate without bias?

Scholarly Articles Online

If your are unable to find an article through our databases, try a Google Scholar search. Remember, we can get articles for you through our Interlibrary Loan System, so do not pay for an article. See the tab. "Materials from Other Libraries" for more information about ILL.

Google Scholar Search


The domain tells you the source of your website.

.EDU = college or university

.GOV = government agency

.ORG= organization

.COM = commercial website

.NET = network

For reliable information, look for sources with .edu or .gov endings.

Digital Books, Journals and More

The following links provide access to digital books, journals, magazines, newspapers and more.  See each site for description of content.

RSS and Podcasts

Many sites provide feeds that update automatically. These are called RSS feeds. Other sites may have podcasts to which you can subscribe.  Major publications have lists of RSS feeds. There are many free podcasts available through iTunes.

Here are some useful sites for RSS feeds and podcasts.