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Jewish Studies: Images

Museum Exhibitions and Image Collections

Hannukah Lamp

Hanukkah Lamp, Morocco, 19th Century

For more information about Moroccan Jewish dress and customs, watch this video.

Danish Jewish Museum

For more information about the 400-year history of the Danish Jews, explore the Danish Jewish Museum.

Iranian Jews

Garment Workers

For several decades of the early 1900s, Eastern European and Russian Jews dominated the garment industry of New York.
From the Smithsonian Institution.

Greek Jews

  The Jewish presence in Greece goes back at least to the times of  Alexander the Great king of Macedonia.

For more information about the Jews of Greece read this article by University of Cincinnati Judaic Studies Professor Steven Bowman .

Bukharan Jews

Click to learn more about Bukharan Jews.

Gold Rush Artifact

From the National Museum of American History/Smithsonian