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A citation is a reference that gives a reader information about a source. It generally includes the author, title of the work or journal, title of the article, volume and issue number and date.
Digital articles often include a DOI number, or digital object identifier. This is the permanent link to an online article. There are several citation styles used by academics. 
APA stands for American Psychological Association. Their standards for citation may be found in the Publication Manual of the APA. Check out the links below for more help and information about APA style.

Citation Generators

Created by the Calvin College Heckman Library, KnightCite will create a formatted citation in APA style.

  • Fill in all the boxes completely and correctly.
  • If you use an article from a database, click yes when asked if the article was found online and yes when asked if it was from a database. Then enter the name of the database.
  • Be  sure to include the D.O.I. (Digital Object Identifier), if available.

Copy and paste the citation. Check capitalization and punctuation to make sure they are correct!