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Distance Education Library Tools and Tricks

Curriculum Builder

Curriculum Builder is a tool that allows instructors to create and edit lists of materials available through our Library Databases. Using our Search All platform that searches most of our resources, instructors can select articles, videos, images and ebooks for specific units of a course.   Links will go directly to the resource. 

The process to locate articles is simple.

  1. Open a learning module, content folder or wherever you wish to embed the resource list. 
  2. Select Build Content.
  3. Choose Curriculum Builder. Give your list a name and description. 
  4. Next, do a basic search by keyword, author or title.
  5. The Results list will include books, scholarly articles, magazine and news articles as well as several other document types. You may limit the source type results by clicking on the Source type link on the left side.  You may also use the limiters on the left side to narrow by publication, content provider, geography and more.  In this example, we used the keyword climate change and automobiles.

Once you have selected an item, just click Add to Reading List. 

  1. Click on the Add to Reading List button and it will change to Remove from Reading List.
  2. Continue to add to your list. If you change your mind, simply remove an item from your list. 
  3. To view your current list, click on the Current List link.

This is the student view of your list. Each link will take your students to that article.

You can drag and drop articles to change the order or delete an item any time you wish.