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Distance Education Library Tools and Tricks

NCC Library offers three streaming video collections:

Films On Demand: Educational videos from  PBS, Films for the Humanities and Sciences and more.

Kanopy: Educational videos and documentaries as well as collections of foreign and classic videos.

Swank: Full- length feature films. 

All of these services may be used in Blackboard. Each tab will provide instructions for use in Blackboard.

Using Films On Demand

Embedding a video title or segment from Films On Demand will enhance your course. Follow these steps!

Locate the video or segment you wish to use from our Films On Demand database. 

To embed the video,  click on EMBED below the video.

Click on the embed link and copy the LTI code.

Determine where in your course you wish to include this video and then open the Build Content menu.

Click on Weblink and then copy the LTI link in the URL box. 


Using Kanopy

You may add a Kanopy film to your class by using the URL (share) or the embed code. 

Click to add an item to your course or learning module.

To link to the film, copy the URL, from the Build Content menu select Web Link and paste the link.  You must add the NCC EZProxy string to the front of the URL:

To embed the film, select html in the text editor and paste the URL into the box.


Using Swank

You may not embed a video in a public website or blog.

Signing In

If you are off-campus, you will need to log into the database by using your 6&1 (6 letters of your last name and your first initial) and your portal password. As a faculty member, you can also establish an individual Swank account. This allows you to perform advanced searches, see additional swank titles that you can request, etc.

Once you are signed into SWANK, select the film you wish to use. At the bottom, you will see links to copy the direct link and copy the LMS link.

Which Link do I use?

The Direct link should be used to email your students a link to the film.

The LMS link should be used to embed the film into your BlackBoard course.