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Distance Education Library Tools and Tricks

Another way to create reading/resource lists in Blackboard is to create a folder in SearchAll and then export a copy of that folder to your course.  The process is really simple. 

First, be sure you have an EBSCO SearchAll personal folder. If you need instructions on how to create personal account folder click here.

Next, select the articles or digital items you wish to include in your Blackboard course and add them to a specific folder.  
 Now, open your Blackboard course and determine where you wish to place the list of resources from your folder. 

From Build Content/Mashups, select Curriculum Builder.

Give your list a name and submit. 

Now, go back to your EBSCO Search All Folder, select the appropriate folder, and click EXPORT in the right side menu.  There are several ways to export folders. Select "Generic bibliographic management software" from the list and click Save.

It will look like this:



After clicking Save, you will see a page of coding. Don't panic, just copy it all.

Go back to your Blackboard course.

Click on the Curriculum Builder list you created in your course. 

Click on See Current Reading List.  It will be empty to start. 

Now select, Import from EBSCO Folder

Paste the code you copied into the box and click Generate List.

Your reading list is ready to go!