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Reading 001 Project: Which Article is Best?

Preventing Bullying

From the title, which magazine article would you choose for the topic,

"How to Prevent Bullying?"


1. New Laws Take Aim at Bullying; New measures  Adopted in Nearly Half the States
Education Week , October 19, 2011


 2. Study Measures Bullying's Academic Toll; Researchers Say Black and Latino Victims are Especially Hard Hit
 Education Week, February 23, 2011


3. Study Punctures Stereotypes About Social Status of Bullies; They Aren't Necessarily the Social Outcasts or the Most Popular Students
  Education Week,
February 23, 2011



Child Soldiers

Which of these newspaper articles would you not choose for the topic,

" What are Child Soldiers?"


1. Where Children Fight the Wars, Innocence Dies First.
New York Times , 05/22/2008

2. Colombia Suspends 7 in Military After Children's Killings.
New York Times,  11/4/2010

3.  U.N. Voices Concern on Child Soldiers and Says It's Ready to Penalize Commanders.,
New York Times, 1, 6/17/2010


Which Article is Best?


Once you have done your search, select the best articles.
Is the article...

  1. Too general? (It must cover the narrower topic!)
  2. Too short? (It should be at least 2 pages or 500 words.)
  3. Informative? (It must have 5 facts about your narrower topic.)
  4. Recent? (It should be no older than 3-5 years.)
  5. Well-documented? (Crime stories or opinions are not good.)