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Reading 001 Project: Selecting and Narrowing a Topic

Get More Background Info

Where Else Can I Get Background Info?

Reference ebooks are a great place to locate background information about your topic.  These include general encyclopedias, specialized encyclopedias and handbooks written by scholars. And the best part is you can access them in the Library or from any web-enabled device off campus with your N# and PIN. 

Let's suppose you are doing some research on global warming. Here are some basic ebooks that would be helpful.

Create a Research Question

Once you have decided on your topic and have narrowed it down, turn your topic into a research question that you can explore.

Choose the best research question for each:

A. Drugs Use in Sports

  1. Are drugs used by athletes?
  2. How does steroid use affect athletes?
  3. Which athletes use drugs?

Global warming

  1. Do animals know about global warming?
  2. What is the difference between global warming and the greenhouse effect?
  3. Is global warming caused by humans?