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Reading 001 Project: Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints is a database with great information about current issues.  Check out the information on this page to learn more about how to use Opposing Viewpoints.



Find a Topic in Opposing Viewpoints

Click on the Browse Issues link on the homepage. Choose View All or Society and Culture  to find a topic for your project.



Locating Information

For each issue, Opposing Viewpoints has:

Background Information: Overview of the topic                                                      

Viewpoint Essays: Articles that take one side (pro or con) of the issue            

Magazines:Articles from many popular magazines

News: Articles from major newspapers

Reference: Encyclopedia articles

Academic Journals: Scholarly articles

Statistics: Polls and interviews

Websites: Related internet sites

Images, Videos, Audio

Related Topics

Need to print, email or cite your article? Use the links in the upper right hand corner.