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Shakespeare's Tragedies: Prof. Giordano ENG 302: Shakespeare: Life and Times

Life and Times

Shakespeare: His Life and Times

William Shakespeare: Biography

Anne Hathaway's Cottage. Home of the future Mrs. Shakepeare.

Shakespeare's birthplace.

Elizabethan and Stuart England

Explore the world in which Shakespeare lived and wrote.

Dates of the five tragedies:

The Merchant of Venice:   1596-97

Hamlet:                                  1600-01

Othello:                                  1604

King Lear:                              1605-06

Macbeth:                                1606

The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare: The Globe Theatre

Did Willam Shakespeare Write the Plays?

   Marlowe                  DeVere                    Bacon                 Sidney                            

There has always been controversy about the authorship of Shakespeare's plays. Some say he had neither the education or social background necessary to write such works. Others point to proof of his authorship. These websites take both sides.