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Shakespeare's Tragedies: Prof. Giordano ENG 302: Databases and Articles

Play Overviews from Library Databases

Literary Databases with Critical Analysis

Search these databases for scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles and reviews of Shakespeare's tragedies. Use advanced search to narrow your focus.

Scholarly Articles from the Databases

The articles below focus on evil in the play Macbeth. If you are off-campus, you will have to enter your N# and Pin to view the article. Reformat the MLA citations given for your paper!

Print Articles

Some articles are not available in digital format but are excellent sources. They may be in the original print or in microfilm. Microfilm is outside Room 102 on the first floor of the Library.


P. Rama Murthy. "Fear in Macbeth." Essays in Criticism.XXIII.2(1973)154-166.microfilm. 


Low, Lisa. "Ridding Ourselves of Macbeth." The Massachusetts Review. 24.4 (1983): 826-837.microfilm.