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Shakespeare's Tragedies: Prof. Giordano ENG 302: Home

The Tragedies

Shakespeare's tragedies include:

Character conflict with the social order

Human suffering brought on by human action

Free will

Dramatic irony

The value of goodness in the end.

Cahn, Victor L. Shakespeare the Playwright. New York: Greenwood, 1991. 1-3. Print. 

Favorite Play

Which was Shakespeare's best tragedy?

Favorite Play
Hamlet: 29 votes (69.05%)
King Lear: 1 votes (2.38%)
Macbeth: 4 votes (9.52%)
The Merchant of Venice: 2 votes (4.76%)
Othello: 6 votes (14.29%)
Total Votes: 42


This LibGuide offers resourses for Professor Giordano's ENG 302 class, Shakespeare's Tragedies.

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King Lear



The Merchant of Venice




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Play Overviews

These overviews of the five plays offer valid, reliable information from our Library databases. For more, check each play page under the Databases and Articles tab.

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