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IDEAS: Integrated Disciplinary Education for Academic Scholarship: Home


IDEAS, Integrated Disciplinary Education for Academic Scholarship, is an initiative at NCC that is based in the Center for Arts and Humanities.  

 IDEAS embraces the development of integrated learning across disciplines. While not explicitly calling for the teaching of basic skills, it supports embedding the use and practice of basic academic skills and learning strategies within all areas of study to achieve subject area objectives. Core skills include reading, writing, verbal discourse, critical thinking, information literacy, and study skills. The intention is to promote competency in these important areas, so crucial for life-long learning, while students use the skills to better manage and achieve the content and process goals of their discipline specific class.





Welcome to the IDEAS LibGuide.

Each tab provides information and resources about Integrated Disciplinary Education for Academic Scholarship. 

IDEAS Committee


Suzanne Liff, RDG:  IDEAS Coordinator

Susan R. Beganskas, MKT

Julie De Lalastra, MKT

Pamela  Flores, PSY
Rosann M. Gonzalez, BIO

Melanie E. Hammer, Dean, A & H
Darshna Katwala, RDG

Robert M.Lazaroff, ENG

Chia-Ling Lin, MAT

Laura A.O'Connell, COM

Betty Borowsky, BIO

Birgit Woelker, BIO

Leslie Wong Loock, LIB