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IDEAS: Integrated Disciplinary Education for Academic Scholarship: Integrating Reading

The Academic Word List


A Few Words About the Academic Word List....

 Developing a college level vocabulary is significant for our students. Within our courses, we strive to impart the language of our respective areas of study; that is, discipline specific vocabulary. This enables students to comprehend the spoken and written content of subject areas, as well as express themselves articulately.


Concomitantly, we must be mindful of the pervasive vocabulary of the academy; academic vocabulary. The Academic Word List, compiled by Averil Coxhead, 2000, represents the 570  most widely used words and word forms found throughout scholarly writing, regardless of the discipline of study. Exposure to, and mastery of these terms, will facilitate a student's reading and comprehension of subject area texts and verbal discourse across all disciplines of study, now and in their future.  Consider how you may integrate these vocabulary terms within your instruction.


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